President's Message

Welcome to the 356 Club of Southern California!


We are all enthusiastic Porsche 356 owners, former owners, and members who just love this car and what it represents. 


Simply put, we all share a love and interest of the Porsche 356; however, our interests are diverse.  Some of us crave the events like concours, long drives, short drives and cars and coffees.  And then there are members who love the hands-on experience: the restoration project, detailing cars, repairs, looking for parts at a swap meet, or just browsing the internet to see what’s out there.


All these avenues of car love and car ownership come together to create your personal Porsche 356 experience.  It’s also the connections with other people who help you truly enjoy your car!  Fortunately, Southern California is the epicenter for the Porsche 356 car culture, and our 356 Club has highest concentration of member experts for this car than anywhere on the planet.  


As a club member, we will get you connected to your fellow member!


And for those who don’t own a Porsche 356, we also welcome you to become part of the club and to also enjoy the experience of these fun, little cars.  I have never met a Porsche 356 owner yet who doesn’t want to talk about their car and help others get them where they want to go.


While our focus continues to be our members in Southern California, we look for ways for everyone to find a way to connect. Today, our membership covers most of the United States plus we have members in 18 countries.  


As a member of the club, you will receive our world class magazine published on a quarterly basis, and you will receive a monthly email about upcoming events, activities, and special offers only available to club members.   


If you’re interested, but not ready to sign up, I encourage you to send us a note and ask for us to add your name to our contact list.


One of the ways we’re able to keep our annual membership rates low is the commitment from our sponsors and our advertisers. Please support these companies; they can be a very helpful with answering questions and a valuable resource for all of your 356 needs.


Take a minute to look at the calendar of events and join us.  If you are looking to become more involved, please go to our contact page and drop us a note.  We are always looking for volunteers! 



Please join us on our Porsche 356 journey!


Safe Travels!



Michael Puldy


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